You Pick,
We Press!

Hurd members get to decide which band we press to vinyl each month. For December, we’ve got five artists across a range of genres which we have chosen in collaboration with the platform for artists, MusicGlue. Listen through below, see what takes your fancy, and cast your vote wisely. The band with the most votes will be released on vinyl for your edition in February. You’ll have to be logged in to your account to place your vote – as it’s only up to you, the Hurd members! Any votes from unregistered emails won’t be counted!

The Finalists!

Listen to the tracks by clicking the artist’s name

Harry Pane

Harry Pane is a singer-songwriter producing wholesome and moving indie folk. With a similar sound to early Bon Iver and Ben Howard, he’s got two EP’s under his belt and his currently creating new material. The two tracks we’ll be pressing are his most recent single ‘Here We Stay’ with ‘Fletcher Bay’.

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Here We Stay

Fletcher Bay


Ravellas are a playful indie rock band from Wigan with a sound that whisks you back to the 2008 sound of guitar and artists like The Kooks. The two tracks we’d be pressing if they win are their brand new yet to be released track, ‘Reputation’ and ‘Colour Me Sweet’.

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Colour Me Sweet

The Shakers

The Shakers are a five piece indie rock band creating catchy melodies with an underlying element of funk. They released their debut EP ‘Kiss Tracks’ in 2016 which has been followed up by a number of cracking singles, two of which we will be pressing should these guys win.

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White Leather

Brixton Kiss


XOCKHA are a four piece from the Isle of White creating low-fi and ambient indie-rock. Their sound is chilled and dreamy to make a relaxing listen. They released their debut EP ‘Sleeper’ in 2015 and have played across the festival scene. The two tracks we’d be pressing are ‘Slow // Fast’ and ‘Need It To Stay’.
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Slow // Fast

Need It To Stay


PLYA are an electronic pop trio blending sweet dreamy vocals with an electronic changing soundscape. They released their debut single ‘Thinking Of You’ in October of this year but have a lot lined up. We’ll be pressing this single with their brand new yet to be released track ‘Adrenaline’ as the A side.

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Thinking Of You



What is the Hurd record club?

We run a monthly subscription based record club.  Every month, we press an exciting emerging artist to limited edition colour 7” vinyl, and post it to our members. With it, they also receive our A3 pull-out The Fold full of new music musings and a full length interview with the artist, and a one-off art print and lyric sheet. The club costs £9.99 a month, and members can cancel anytime. You can join here

How will I know who wins?

We’ll send all members an email after the 10th December when the vote has closed. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with all announcements by following our Facebook page.

How do I Vote?

Voting rights are reserved for Hurd record club members only and so you’ll have to be a current subscriber to be able to get involved. Simply log in to your account and the revisit this page – you’ll be able to place your vote using the poll. Any problems, email

If you’re not yet a member and would like to place a vote; you can join the record club here.

Your vote will be counted and the winner will be announced after the 10th December.

How can I get a copy of the winner’s vinyl?

The winning artist will be pressed to vinyl for February’s edition of our record club and therefore you will need to be a member of our club during the month of February to receive the winner’s vinyl. If you’re not yet a member, you can join here.