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Hurd  is now Wax and Stamp

We've moved our subscription service over to Wax and Stamp, where you can get amazing, eclectic vinyl delivered to your door every month. Click on the button below to go there!

How does it work?

We've left some of the old blurb from the Hurd site below. *Note that Wax and Stamp only sends vinyl and the odd goodie, no alcohol is included in the subscription box.

The Vinyl

Every month we produce a limited run of limited edition vinyl from a new, exciting artist. We vary in genre but expect indie and alternative sounds. Scroll down for more information on the artists we've released already!

The Drinks

We match the music with four craft beers / ciders. Each month we source from independent producers from around the UK and Europe. They vary in style but the idea of the club is about discovering new tastes! - NB: WE DON'T SEND DRINKS UNFORTUNATELY. JUST VINYL.

The Extras

We include additional merchandise in your box with unique items from the artists themselves. You'll also receive our in house magazine complete with articles and interviews with the bands.

The Last Bit

We want you to enjoy our club as much as possible. The boxes are shipped to you via confirmed delivery. Because our plans are monthly, you can leave the club at any time. Although we'd much rather you stay part of the team!

About us

Hurd was a record club with a difference. Our goal is to tantalise tastebuds of both music and drinks. We aim to spread the word about unique emerging artists and to provide our members not only with an amazing discovery, but an awesome experience every month.

Hurd was set up towards the end of 2016 by Jack and Gabby. After always being fans of discovering new music they decided to take a couple of major steps in their lives. Quitting their jobs to work on something they believed in, the club was launched. The essence of it was to make something they would enjoy to be part of, promote new music alongside independent producers and push forward a new generation of artists. In 2020, having been fans of Hurd, Wax and Stamp purchased the wearehurd.co.uk domain name, and we have resurrected the site for posterity.
Maybe one day the music and alcohol pairing box will be resurrected!

The last Hurd box

Artist of the Month: Au/Ra

Au/Ra smashed into the new music world towards the end of last year with an absolutely cracking debut – dazzling every blogger and new music website around. Not one to disappoint, the follow up single washed expectant ears with an equally breathtaking track. And after a spectacular performance at SXSW, Au/Ra is quite undeniably on the pinpoint of exploding.
On exclusive green vinyl, you’ll receive ‘Kicks’